• Image of Discovery of the New World catalogue

This is the catalogue of the Museum's 2016 tour of North America, in which Dr James Lattin ventured to the United States and Canada.

It is 52 pages long, and illustrated with many photos from the tour! The catalogue will make an excellent Christmas present for anyone who has ever been annoyed or bored within a museum.

As a special offer, we are also giving away five free postcards with each order! And if you order more than one copy, we will also include the Museum’s 2014 catalogue, Angarth or Wygarth as a bonus!

Some HIGHLIGHTS inside include:

-Dr Lattin's visit to the Museum of the Flat Earth, where he finds there is much to be gained from unconventional thinking.

-A tour of North American Museums: will they be any better than the often unimaginative displays of Europe?

-The Rest Areas of North America: the first ever major study with particular focus on the Runaway Rest Area of North-Eastern Vermont

For more images and the inside contents, please see the Museum's Facebook page!